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Headstock paddock stand
Headstock paddock stand
Headstock stand folded for storage.
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These Paddock stands will fit almost all Sports and Race bikes, with either conventional or upside-down forks. These stands enable the bike to be lifted by the headstock stem tube. Each stand is supplied with a range of pins to fit the most common headstock sizes (which apply to 90% of motorcycles). They are 13mm, 15mm, 16.5mm, 17mm, and 18mm. Additional larger pins are available seperately on this shop-front.

Construction, is extra-heavy duty, for safety of operation and safety of that valuable bike being supported! The stands are enamel finished, for durability. They are also designed to fold for easy storage, when not in use (see supplementary picture).

Essential items for the race paddock and workshop alike. These stands are sturdy and stable enough for safe working or simply for safe storage, when used in conjunction with a rear paddock stand. They even allow you to remove the front forks from the bike for serious suspension overhaul or tuning.

For the road-rider, these stands are invaluable.They allow maximum access for thorough tyre condition examination, brake cleaning and overhaul or simply wheel cleaning.

Please note that for safety, these stands should only be used when the rear of the bike is supported by a rear paddock stand (also available from us).

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to have this product delivered to an address outside of the UK Mainland, then please contact us for a shipping quote before making your purchase.


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